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KR-601 round head dual outlet kitchen faucet

ITEM:KR-601 Round Head Dual Outlets Kitchen Faucet

MATERIAL: Brass Body, Zinc alloy handle

COLOR: chrome, brass, golden, cream, black, white, vintage golden

FUNCTION: Hot Cold Water

USAGE: kitchen

MOQ: 100 Sets

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Double outlets

This dual outlets kitchen faucet applies to the installation of purified water and tap water piping, the bigger one for tap water and the other for pure water. Through double outlets system, two kinds of water come out from one faucet, greatly reducing the place of kitchen ware. Besides, it brings great convenience to use pure water instead of going around and heat up water while cooking.

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Double tubes design

Tap water and pure water faucets are separated to two tubes. So you can swivel them back and forth to different way to fit your need. Besides, using this double tube design, you don’t have to worry about the question such as mixture of tap water and pure water, because you can easily separate them to two ways. makes it hard to damage through daily use.

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Movable mounting ring

When installing the faucet, do you find it too laborious to install. Especially when many faucets need to be installed at the same time, it often makes people feel laborious and tired. At the water inlet, we specially designed a movable mounting ring. During installation, the user can install it through this ferrule without turning the faucet itself. Therefore, the installer can greatly assist the user in a more portable installation.

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Practical L-spout

Featuring an innovative L-spout this tap is a brilliant addition to any modern kitchen. It combines the round head of the pipe with a right Angle shape. Clever fusion makes the kitchen more aesthetic. The L-spout provides height to the unit, allowing ample space for washing up, great for those annoyingly large pots and pans.

Vintage Golden

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Vintage Golden

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