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KR-908 pull-out dual outlet kitchen faucet

ITEM: KR-908 pull-out dual outlet kitchen faucet

MATERIAL: Brass Body, Zinc alloy handle

COLOR: chrome plated

FUNCTION: Hot Cold Water

USAGE: kitchen

MOQ: 100 Sets

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Pull out spray

In the kitchen, there are always some corners that we can hardly wash with a tap. At the same time, we have to worry about whether the tall kitchen faucet will see water and oil on us. In the kitchen cleaning, users need to be more careful, and the kitchen faucet is also.

The water outlet of our kitchen faucet can be pulled out, and we can use it to clean any corner easily. At the same time, we can control the water flow more easily. Its water flow has multiple modes, the water pressure can be large or small, you only need to adjust it through the buttons above. This kitchen faucet is an ideal washing, watering and cleaning tool, making kitchen life easier.

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Black finish

Look from visual effect, normally, black brings a person low-key and advanced feeling. This tap features a sleek and stylish black finish. Black finished fittings are becoming a popular choice for those looking to create a statement in their kitchen. The black contrasts perfectly with white tiling, leaving you with a luxurious monochrome look.

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Double tubes design

Tap water and pure water faucets are separated to two tubes and you can swivel them back and forth to different way to fit your need. Besides, using this double tube design, you don’t have to worry about the question such as mixture of tap water and pure water, because you can easily separate them to two ways. This design of separating the two kinds of water from the water will undoubtedly make our water safety more effectively guaranteed.


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