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Colorful making curved cylinder solar shower

Material: PVC+ABS with chrome
Capacity: 20 liters
Water temperature: Maximum: 60 °C
Shower head: rotatable showerhead
Dimensions: approx. 214 x 11.5 x 11.5 cm
Color: Black
Dimensions of bottom plate: 15 x 15 x 0,7 cm
Mounting accessorries: Screws and dowels (included)
Connection: Via standard garden hose (adapter included)
Net weight: approx. 6.0 Kg
Water pressure:Maximun: 3.5 bar

Product Specifications

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Item Packing 40'HQ Weight Outer carton size(cm)
KR-11 Carton box 900 7.5 6.0 1.00 113.50 40.00 16.50

Outdoor solar shower

Unlike indoor shower, the outdoor solar shower can be easily installed without dismantling wall and drilling. It can be applied to gardens, beaches as well as pools. After swimming, users can no longer go to the bathroom for shower but use the warm water in this shower straightly to wash the dirt left on their bodies.

Curved cylinder solar shower (2)

Easy to assemble

This shower consists of a main part and a few accessories, making it easy to assemble. Just connect it to a standard garden hose and install it on a flat floor. If you are still not familiar with its installation, we are glad to support a teaching video to show the process.

High-quality materials

To ensure their operational life and durability, our solar showers are made of high-quality materials, including corrosion-resistant brass and consolidated PVC pipes. We are committed to use high-quality materials to guarantee the service life of the product. That's why we're better than our peers.


Sun Powered

This outdoor solar shower is 100% powered by the sun. Tube made of special materials absorbs solar energy, converting it into heat, and heats the water inside to a temperature of about 60℃. Therefore, there is no need of wires and batteries, properly saving the energy.

Rotatable showerhead

\Rotatable showerhead can be directed according to people’s showering posture and height. Humanized design meets the bathing needs of various groups, making outdoor shower more convenient.


Bent design

Unlike the normal straight shower column, the upper part of this shower column is tilted forward. A good tilt not only makes for a novel and beautiful look, but also makes for a better shower experience.

Cylindrical design

Cylinder is a versatile product. No matter used in what occasion, it is always coordinated, not abrupt. And it shows a soft beauty.



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Curved cylinder solar shower (2)
Curved cylinder solar shower (3)

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