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KR-911 double tube dual outlet kitchen faucet

ITEM: KR-911 double tube dual outlet kitchen faucet

MATERIAL: Brass Body, Zinc alloy handle

COLOR: chrome, black, brass, cream

FUNCTION: Hot Cold Water, pure water

USAGE: kitchen

MOQ: 100 Sets

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Double tubes design

Double tubes design

Tap water and pure water faucets are separated to two tubes and you can swivel them back and forth to different way to fit your need. When you want to use tap water, you can turn the pure water outlet to the back. Turn the tap water outlet when you want pure water. Besides, using this double tube design, you don’t have to worry about the question such as mixture of tap water and pure water, because you can easily separate them to two ways. This design can effectively prevent bacteria in the tap water from entering the purified water through the water outlet, making water hygienic and clean.


Practical U-spout

Featuring an innovative U-spout this tap is a brilliant addition to any modern kitchen. The U-spout provides height to the unit, allowing ample space for washing up, great for cleaning those annoyingly large pots and pans.

In modern kitchens, this U-shaped design faucet is one of the most common styles, and it is also the most classic and most popular. If you have no special pursuits and preferences, you can choose this faucet as a kitchen companion.


Polished chrome finished

If your old faucets are starting to fade and there's not much chrome cleaner to bring them back to life, then you really should refresh them. This faucet will bring new style elements to your home with its gorgeous, polished chrome finish. Not only that, it will make your kitchen shine and charming. No matter what the main color of your kitchen is, this polished color can be highly matched. At the same time, it is also very resistant to dirt and easy to clean.


KR-911black (3) KR-911black (5) KR-911black (4) KR-911black (6) KR-911black (2) KR-911black (1)


brass-911 (5) brass-911 (6) brass-911 (4) brass-911 (3) brass-911 (1) brass-911 (2)


chrome-911 (6) chrome-911 (4) chrome-911 (5) chrome-911 (3) chrome-911 (1) chrome-911 (2)


Cream-911 (6) Cream-911 (5) Cream-911 (4) Cream-911 (3) Cream-911 (1) Cream-911 (2)

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