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KR-622 semicircle head filter dual outlet kitchen faucet

ITEM: KR-622 Semicircle Head Filter Dual Outlets Kitchen Faucet

MATERIAL: Brass Body,Zinc alloy handle

COLOR: Black

FUNCTION: Hot Cold Water, Pure Water

USAGE: kitchen

MOQ: 100 Sets

Product Specifications

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Double outlets

This filter dual outlets kitchen faucet has two outlets, the bigger one for tap water and the other for pure water. Through double outlets system, two kinds of water come out from one faucet, greatly reducing the place of kitchen ware. It will also make your kitchen look neater and cleaner. Besides, it brings great convenience to use pure water instead of going around and heat up water while cooking.


Double handles

Because it is a pure water faucet, it needs two handles to control the two water outlets. The large handle controls the tap water, the small handle controls the pure water, and you can clearly identify them even without watch. What’s more, one big small design is very vivid and lovely, bringing about a sense of humor.


Black surface

This faucet features a sleek and stylish black surface. Black finished fittings are becoming a popular choice for those pursue concise style in their kitchen and house. The black contrasts perfectly with white tiling, leaving you with a luxurious monochrome look. So it's a very versatile kitchen product.


Durable solid brass build

We use high quality brass, which is resistant to corrosion and last a long life and can stand up to a lot of wear and tear. In fact, brass fixtures almost stand up to hot water damage and other corrosive environmental factors better than any other material, including plastic and steel. Plus, its sturdiness makes it hard to damage through daily use.

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